Review: Firebell (대치동 파이어벨)

My love for burgers means I'm constantly questin' (like that word I just made up?) to try all the latest and best burger joints in town. I've been lucky enough that most of the well-received burger joints are found not too far from me and north of the river but today's featured Firebell was always on my list but just a (minor) pain as its OG location is in Daechi way down south of town. Daechi?? Ain't nobody got time fo that!

But trek I did to Firebells's quite random location, nestled deep within a little neighborhood of small mom and pop shops and restaurants. And if you’re wanting me to spoil this post, yes it’s one of Seoul’s finest burgers.
Inside Firebell is a fun, casual, diner-style kind of vibe. Immediately I had a bit of nostalgia thinkin back to high school days when my friends and I would hit up Red Robin after catching a movie for some burgers and teenage tomfoolery.

Burger offerings range from general classics to some interesting ones like a mac and cheese and cayenne pepper variety. Prices are pretty good for Seoul burger prices, mostly 7K ranging to 9K while doubling the patty will bring it between 11-13Kish which is generally how much other burger joints normally charge for their burgers.

You can also add toppings to your burgers or opt for some of their shakes. I didn't sample their shakes this time but I've heard good stuff about them.

Opted for a Call 911 while my friend went for the Dr. Leo.

Good ol' deli pickles. Always a good sign when proper pickles are being served at a burger joint in Korea and none of that sweet bread and butter pickles (satan, get thee behind me).

The Call 911 looked like a regular burger on first glance. I was thinking the spicy they were referring to in the description were from the pickled jalapenos but no... the spice was from their special spicy sauce which they aren't kidding! That spice really grows!

Love that melted cheese atop the burger patty. The burgers here are griddle style so the patties are nice and juicy and with that nice bit of crunch crust that forms on it.

I was extremely surprised and loving their fries. An interesting twisted wedge shape, these fries have a wonderful crunch on the outside keeping within its fluffy potato inside. For sure these fries were the best I've had from any burger joint in Seoul.

I have to say, though the spicy kick to my burger was fun enough, later as I ate I found it distracting from the burger's natural flavors. I slightly preferred my friend's Dr. Leo which is just a classically sexy burger. And c'mon, it has bacon. And bacon thats not limp nor shattering everywhere. It's not easy for a burger to fail when it has a good cut of bacon in it. :)

Note also how fresh the vegetables are. 

A nice sturdy burger that doesn't fall apart. My only tiny criticism is that the bread is just a tad dry.

Final thoughts: 
There's a reason Firebell has so many fans. It's good, high quality burgers with well seasoned and moist patties cooked diner style on a griddle, fresh vegetables, and great combinations and varieties of burgers. The vibe and casual atmosphere brought back memories of Red Robin visits back home after catching a movie with friends.

They also have the best fries I've had from any burger place in Korea.

서울특별시 강남구 선릉로72길 13
13, Seonlleung-ro 72-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Almost equally distanced between Seolleung Station and Hanti Station you can either come out of Exit 1 of Seolleung Station and just 50 meters ahead turn right on Teheran-ro 64-gil for about 500 meters until you get to Seolleung-ro 72-gil and turn right and you should see Firebell on your right in about 50 meters.

Or from Hanti Station exit 2, walk about 50 meters until you get to Dogok-ro 63-gil (just after the enormous Lotte Mall) and turn left. Walk north on it for about 400 meters until you hit Seolleung-ro 72-gil and turn left and you'll see Firebell on your right in about 50 meters.




Canned beers (and root beer!) available

Firebell has two other branches- one in the Hyundai Mall in Pangyo and the other in Cheongdam-dong, just off the main Apgujeong-ro.