Review: Hanam Dweji Jib (하남돼지집)

There's no shortage of Korean barbecue restaurants in Seoul but some of them have found success that translates into a chain with branches all around the city and sometimes the country itself

One of such examples is Hanam Dweji Jib which you may know from being featured often in the YouTube video series by 영국남자, aka Korean Englishman.

As its name suggests, Hanam Dweji Jib began in the city of Hanam, just east of Seoul where it became known for its high quality in both food and service. In the competitive dining scene of Seoul, many successful chain restaurants have come and gone but (so far) has built on its success by continuing to endeavor for excellence. It's obtained food safety certifications from CESCO for example and works with branch owners to ensure they are motivated to success by dispatching store "doctors" to impart their business wisdom and tips.

Hanam Dweji Jib has branches they directly operate and others they franchise out. But the menu is always the same. Pork belly, rib meat, etc all your standards which are priced between 13K and 15K per serving (150-200g).

If you're having a difficult deciding you could always order their set menu which brings a mix of their most popular cuts.

And standard barbecue sides including dwenjang jjigae, naengmyeon, steamed eggs, etc.

Everyday favorite Korean drinks are available including soju, beer, maehwasu, makgeolli, etc. They also carry premium soju Hwayo as well as soft drinks.

Another plus of Hanam Dweji Jib is that they pre-cook the meat for you over charcoal fire. This means less barbecue smoke in the restaurant, less smelly clothes afterwards but you still get a nice smoky, flavorful meat.

Below is the "pre-charcoal barbecue" station where the guy cooks up the meat in its initial stage.

Standard side includes lettuce, kimchi, ssamjang, garlic, salt, a little dressed salad. But differently from most places they have pickled myeongui namul. 

The leaves of the allium victorialis has just the faintest onion-y flavor to it that's much milder than even chives or scallions. Pickled in a slightly sweeter marinade it's rather a nice cool contrast to the smoky flavors of the meat when eaten.

It's not commonly found in Korean barbecue restaurants because it's a pricier banchan actually which is why it's a pleasant surprise they dish it out for free (including free refills).

After most of the meat is pre-cooked it's brought up to your slab grill in which the servers will slice and cook them up for you. In this case, this was the assortment with the samgyeopsal, moksal, and galbi.

Using fresh, not frozen, meat makes all the difference in barbecue and this is definitely premium quality meat that's cooked just right. They're quite skilled in knowing when to cut, flip, and lower/raise the temperatures.

Cuts at Hanam Dweji Jib are also a nice thickness that gives a nice flavorful chew. Pair it with some grilled kimchi, have it in a wrap with the myeongeui nameul, or just on its own kissed with salt.

I had some of the cold noodles afterwards which was quite large. Cold and refreshing but your standard cold-noodle-after-bbq fare.

Final thoughts:
Considering it's a chain, this is definitely one of the better Korean barbecue chains. Positive traits include them pre-cooking the meat (to cut down on smoke), cooking your meat for you, and decent sides. Considering this added "service" costs, the cost of the meat overall is competitive to most Korean barbecue restaurants making it a great value for those looking to get their Korean barbecue fix and not wanting to worry about cooking it up for yourself. 

서울특별시 종로구 대학로8가길 52
52, Daehakro 8ga-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

I went to the Daehakro branch but there are plenty of other branches. For the one I visited, come out of exit 1 of Hyehwa Station and turn right on Dongsoong-gil and walk 20 meters until you see a small alley on your right. Cut across the alley and Hanam Dweji should be in front of you.



Depends on branch. 

Soju and beer.

There are branches all over including Myeongdong, Jongno, Dongdaemun, Hongdae, Sinsa, Nonhyeon, etc. But some branches are licensed stores and some are directly operated by the Hanam Dweji HQ.


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