Review: Munllae Dweji Bulbaek (문래 돼지 불백)

Munllaedong is a fast-rising trendy neighborhood out in western Seoul. Originally a very nitty gritty, industrial area full of workshops, factories, and mills, the cheaper cost of living and land prices have begun attracting artists and young entrepreneurs for an intriguing mix. The various art installations, often utilizing metal and metal-inspired works from the area, is also a big draw especially for photographers.

Good things for all visitors alike, the costs around this hood is also very cheap including eats and drinks.

One such place that's a favorite for visitors and residents is Munllae Dweji Bulbaek for its simple, comfort, and cheap eat.

Located just on one of the main streets and close to Munllae Station, Munllae Dweji Bulbaek isn't difficult to find and is rather spacious. 

'Dweji' refers to pork and what they specialize here is simple marinated pork that's pre-grilled over an open flame and brought out with rice and a good array of side dishes. You may recognize I wrote about a similar cheap eats place in Sinsa called Ddalboojahne Boolbaek.

The cost of this simple but everyday favorite dish is a mere 6K- a price that's rare to find anywhere in Seoul nowadays.

Out front by the entrance is the grilling station where the workers grill-to-order the marinated meat.

As I said, the dweji bulbaek, or set, is the only thing on the menu and includes 200g of grilled meat! Most barbecue restaurants price their serving at 150-180g so at 6K this is a real treat. Feeling extra hungry? Pay 5K more and get 200g more! That's basically 11K for 400g of barbecued pork, rice, and all the fixings.

Drink prices are set at soju for 3K, beer for 3K, and soft drinks at 1K.

Pork is from America, kimchi and rice are from Korea.

If you can read Korean, there's some stuff about the free-spirited grandpa owner who traveled the world in his younger days after quitting his desk job and then eventually came about to making and selling this comfort dish.

Order and within a few minutes you'll get a plate of smoky grilled pork with bits of char.

And a nice spread with side dishes, soup, rice, and lettuce and ssamjang for making wraps (the quintessential Korean way to eat barbecue).

Of course, at 6K one shouldn't come in expecting Jeju or Iberico pork in terms of quality but with its smoky, sweet flavors this is a dish that just about everyone- kids, adults, Koreans, non-Koreans- will enjoy.

Side dishes are basic and simple but you can also get as many refills of them as you want (self-serve).

And when made into Korean-style ssam wraps, it's hard to complain about anything during lunch time.

For the price, quality, and amount this is a rather eye-boggling value if you break down the fact you can get 400g of grilled pork with rice, soup, lettuce for wraps, and as much of the side dishes (banchan) as you want for a mere 11K (6K if you go with the basic 200g of meat). Let's not forget that this is open-flame grilled pork which is something one can't easily recreate at home so def worth checking out for a down comfort meal on the cheap.

서울 영등포구 당산로 2-1
2-1, Dangsan-ro, Yeoungdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea

From Munllae Station exit 7, walk south for about 200m and you'll see Munllae Dweji Bulbaek on your left.



Soju and beer.

Open from 10AM to 9:30 every day.

While this is the OG spot, there's 3 or 4 other chains including in Banghwadong (in Gangseo-gu), Sindaebang, and even in the city of Euijeongbu.