Review: Best Enchiladas from B'Mucho Cantina in Yeonnamdong/Hongdae

Hip and happening Yeonnamdong, just off of the main Hongdae area, is the burgeoning hood that's on the radar for many lately as it attracts a variety of independent business owners and those on the prowl for the latest hip thing. If you recall, I previously covered the Japanese home style curry place of Himeji and the Taiwanese eats and drinking spot of Taiwan Night Market in Yeonnamdong and today's place also joins this list as a well known eatery of the area.

The charm of the neighborhood lies in the fact that the lower prices and creative spirit have attracted those looking to try their hand at their own business including some nice places to eat. There's been similar cycles that were evident in places like Hongdae, Garosugil, etc in the past but the results have almost always been gentrification of the highest order as property prices skyrocket to levels that only commercial chains can afford.

I'm crossing my fingers on Yeonnamdong that it can somehow avoid this cycle and, so far, despite its boom in popularity it seems to be maintaining that independent streak.

I rarely venture out to the Hongdae area anymore with its abundance of university students (Google "stonefish" and picture one among a sea of lively coral fishes for a reflection of my feelings but when I do, it's almost always in the Yeonnamdong area. There's just something about its quieter yet happening vibe that gives it a welcome edge and I always enjoy exploring the area.

On one of those Yeonnamdong expedition days, I was hit with the craving for some good Mexican and found B'Mucho Cantina.

I read somewhere the owner is Mexican himself and he started B'Mucho Cantina up with his Korean wife. Perhaps owing to its natural roots, the restaurant, both in food and decor, has a natural and authentic feel to it. No cliche sombreros and tequila bottles on the walls like so many other spots in Seoul.

The menu is quite extensive that has all your standard favorites from tacos to burritos to tostadas and enchiladas which you can usually get in chicken or beef. You can also add sliced avocados to your order for an extra 1,500 won.

The drinks list is quite extensive and with local favorites as well including Mexican soft drinks, beer, fruit beers, cocktails, and more. I didn't try any of the interesting drinks out but I'm keen to try next time.

As I mentioned, you won't find cliche, tacky decor here and instead the colorful plates and tables really brings you momentarily to Mexico... not to mention it really helps brighten your spirits too.

Tacos de carne asada (aka beef tacos) and the enchiladas verdes were the choices for my visit.

The visual of the beef tacos definitely took me back to the street tacos of LA. If you never thought "messy" and "beautiful" were terms that could come together look no further than a good ol' taco I say.

The chopped carne asada came with a pool of red juice (as it should), and topped simply with diced onions, a mound of chopped cilantro and soft corn tortillas to hold it all together (or at least the best it can- again, as it should). The wedge of lime on the side is money to bring all the flavors together.

Look how generous they are with the cilantro too in the land of my fellow Koreans.

A real beauty of a thing and possessing all the right soul of a good taco. I was thinking while eating though, that there was just something missing before I realized what it was- the garnishes and condiments. Taco lovers will know what I'm talking about when I'm referring to the tubs of homemade salsas of various colors and heat (served in plastic tubs and trays no less), pickled vegetables (including sliced red radishes), and whatnot. A sauce or two (besides the table side bottled Cholula) would really seal the deal. Like a beautiful senorita who just needs that little flower in her hair or some kind of "point" to make her the unforgettable one.

But overall, still a fine, fine taco in Korealand.

For my order I decided to go with the enchiladas verde as I wanted something a little more bold and exciting from the usual tacos and burritos and when it came out I was glad I did so.

The giant plate has three enchiladas swimming in the salsa verde and topped with a generous spooning of sour cream and chopped cilantro and onions. Right away, the fragrance of the tortilla, the creamy sour cream, the tart salsa, and warm chicken made it hard not to dig in right away. But I held back so I could snap a few shots for all y'all.

Chicken inside is really cooked to tender perfection, shredding beautifully with minimal effort and force from the fork. 

What could otherwise be just a very nice chicken taco though is set apart from the pool of salsa verde that's really the star of this dish. Piquant and in just the right balance of flavors, the salsa stands out initially the most in every bite but with each chew comes to encase all the ingredients and add to its depth. The generous dosage of sour cream keeps the flavors grounded and onions add a nice crisp texture. 

Really, this is a stellar dish brought together by the bomb salsa verde. Even the restaurant knows the salsa is money as evidenced by the slices of toasted bread that's served on the side to sop up every bit of the remaining juice. Use your willpower to prevent yourself from licking the dish at the end.

Some superb tacos and a top notch enchilada later, I left with a happy sensation that resonated not only from my stomach but from my eyes and mind from the exciting and stimulating flavors and visuals of B'Mucho Cantina. It's too bad Yeonnamdong is a bit out of the way and, knowing full well the general price of good Mex food at home, it isn't the cheapest of meals (especially considering the Yeonnamdong vicinity its in). But it's still comparable in price to other far less impressive Mexican joints in this city and for that I say get your butt out here for a nice taste of Mexico in Seoul.

Rating: 3.5 out of 4 stars
Like its colorful plates and decoration, B'Mucho Cantina serves up some lively and flavorful food and cocktails that provides a memorable exotic break in Seoul. The soul of its mother cuisine is fully evident in the food and environment making it stand out even among other well known Mexican joints in Seoul.

서울특별시 마포구 동교로46길 40
40, Donggyo-ro 46-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

From exit 3 of Hongik University Station, turn around and walk forward a few steps to the main street. Turn left on the main street (Yanghwa-ro) and from the major three way intersection keep to your left (no need to cross any streets) to find yourself walking along Yeonhui-ro. Keep walking for about 250 meters until you get to Yeonhui-ro 4gil and turn into this street (you should see Seoul Dongbu Church at the entrance of this side street). 

Walk about 50 meters and you'll see B'Mucho Cantina on your left.




Various beers (including Mexican) and cocktails available

B'Mucho is closed on Mondays!