Musing: Being back, Instagramming, and Recipes/Reviews List


It's been quite a stressful last few weeks since making my return to Korea. Lot of sadness, anger, frustration, and lessons learned... 

But things have begun to settle into place once again and I'm back to getting things running on this blog again with more vigor and gusto than ever. 

I'm always humbled when I look back on this blog and how it has progressed. Though born from a pure curiosity, adoration, and love for all things food, I'm amazed I'm still (for the most part) keeping up with it on a regular basis. Mostly what's keeping me going is simply the fact I'm still enjoying it so much. I said this when I started this blog but I'm not professing to be some food or cooking expert. But I love food to the point I'm just always thinking about it and I just want to share my experiences in the kitchen, and elsewhere, with you all and I always get a little kick in my steps when I hear from people they're enjoying the blog or when I have folks from all different parts of the world adding comments.

That being said, I'm pumped to get things going again and I'm already backlogged with so many posts I want to share. There's a long list of posts I have saved under my drafts here that are either ready to publish or still needs some work on so be a little more patient with me as I try and get this blog updated on a regular basis again!

Starting up an Instagram...

After more than a year running this blog, I've realized there's really no way I can keep up with all my food thoughts and shares through this blog alone. 

To try and make some of my other day-to-day shares more "instant" I've started up an Instagram account for the first time. 

I'm a total newbie to the Instagram world, having already had other SNS platforms like Twitter and Pinterest pass me completely by. But since Instagram, as I understand, seems primarily devoted to sharing pictures, I thought maybe that would be the best platform for me to share my eats with you all in an expedited manner. But I'm not planning to use it as a private account other than for this food blog...

I understand for some there's not a particular appeal to have one's feed bombarded with food images on a constant basis so there's obviously no pressure to add me there! But if you wanna be Instagram buddies you'll be doing me a favor actually since I'm still learning how to work the whole thing... 

It's more of an experiment for now so we'll see how it goes but if you want to check out all the other eats and food stuff in between the blog posts here, feel free to add lonely ol' me! 

Recipes and Reviews List Now Up

I wish I was tech savvy enough that I could make this blog all organized and fancy like all the cool kids do but as I'm learning along the way, I've added a recipes and reviews list feature on here for your convenience. 

If you look on the right side of the blog, there should now be a list of all the recipes and reviews I've posted so far for you to gander through if you're bored. 

And if you're looking for something specific, you can always use the search function above the recipes and reviews list too. 

Comments, Suggestions, Questions

As always, I love hearing from you whether you have a question, suggestions for me, or other things you want to share, so feel free to comment on any of the posts whenever you want!