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So this is a new little side project of mine. It's actually been on my mind for a few years now but I got the courage and push to actually implement it just a few weeks ago. 

To put the story of this blog's creation into perspective, I'm a 25 year old guy (at the time of this post) living, cooking and eating through life in Seoul, Korea. 

Originally hailing from the States, my interest in food and all things gastronomical didn't really take spark until a few years ago during my university days when I began experimenting in the kitchen. The reasons then ranged from economical to matters of health and taste but this new field I found myself in proved engaging yet challenging and I was hooked. Soon channels like the Food Network became one of my most watched channels and when eating out, I found myself constantly immersed in thought and pondering the dish's creation process, the ingredients, and how it all came together. 

When cooking, the personal satisfaction I received extended beyond my own derived product but seeing the positive effects on others. Whether it was sharing the fruit of my culinary labor with a friend who had a long day or as a special way to show my affection to another, the feeling of fulfillment went beyond what I felt in my belly afterwards from the meal but something deeper and longer-lasting inside. 

Fast forward to present day and since graduating I've moved to Seoul while making a full dive into adulthood and man is it hard; everything I thought I knew and believed I was prepared for was turned over once I was a college graduate and even today I feel like I'm starting from ground zero on all matters of life from career building to relationships and more.

But amid all of life's turbulence and uncertainties, good eating has been one of the few things that has remained constant and always a source of good times and memories. Whether enjoying a night of good talks and laughs with friends over a splendid meal and drinks or whipping up a simple comfort meal for myself after a rough day, I've discovered food is more than ingredients and seasonings put together but an enabler for us to keep going in life. A good meal gives strength when things seem bleak, aids in cementing relations with those we cherish and it is one of the few commonalities in which two entirely different individuals or groups from entirely different backgrounds can come together.

As I have stated in my introduction, I'm not some accredited chef (I took a cooking class in high school as an extracurricular class if that counts for anything..) nor do I have the sort of background that qualifies me to be taken too seriously in what I say on what others make.

But this is just an outlet for me to remember the meals I've eaten, the dishes I've hashed out in my own kitchen and other thoughts and musings on things related that I'm serving out in this humble blog while  journeying through adulthood.

Please feel free to add your own comments and thoughts along the way and join me in trying to figure out life, one meal at a time. 


  1. Welcome to the blog world Stewart! I can't wait to read more-love a good recipe! yay! -Melia

  2. I made it all the way through your entire blog! @__@ And then I started yelping cause the Korean food craving got really intense.
    I have a distinct memory of you at a end-of-semester potluck. You brought something you made in a slow cooker and you were quite proud of your dish. Glad to see that your culinary curiosity stuck!


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